Liana Mobile

We build purposeful cross-platform apps with fully integrated marketing automation

For business

Improve your business with mobile applications


Boost customer loyalty & happiness

Notify your customer about new campaigns, get important customer feedback


Re-target your customers

Activate your existing customers at the right moment with personalized marketing



Transform your mobile app to a new sales channel


Automate for smart marketing

User smart automated marketing to improve your sales

For work

Improve work efficiency and communication with mobile technology


Save time

Do work tasks faster than before


Be organized

Make organizing work tasks and work-related information simple


Improve accessibility

Access important tasks and information from anywhere with a smart device


Stay on track

Track time and property effectively with automatic reporting

What we do


High quality concept design

It all starts with an idea. We understand the mobile field, think outside the box and will turn your idea to a great concept, that is the base for a successful solution.


Solid technical implementation

For a concept to be successful, a rock-solid technical implementation is required. Our technical expertise in all things mobile guarantees a working end result. We will build your mobile application from the ground up and help you effectively test it in the field.


Powerful marketing automation

Smart automated communication with your users keep them engaged with your application and gets them to return to it again and again. Alongside with providing flexible tools for agile marketing automation, we plan effective automations that keep your users engaged, analyze the results & refine the automations to get the best results.


Constant improvement

Great applications are built and improved by listening to the users. To get the most out of your application, we will gather periodical user feedback and improve the application according to their requests and needs.

Mobile apps on a new level

Platform independent

Applications for Android, iOS & Web with one main codebase, that helps you save in costs and move from planning to production more quickly.

Easy content management

Easy-to-use control panel for content management and user messaging. You can access the control panel with any device from desktop computers to mobile devices.


Make things easy and automatic by connecting your application seamlessly with your company’s other services.

Synergy with all Liana products

Get the most out of your mobile application by combining it with other powerful Liana-products, such as marketing automation and newsletters. We build applications that work like magic together with our other products.

Works offline

Our applications run offline when connectivity is poor, or there is no internet connection at all. Offline functionality is vital for many apps that include features such as schedules, articles and location tracking.

Hot deploying

Skip irritating queues at the AppStore and don’t force your application users to download a new app version every time you update. Our cutting-edge technology enables pushing updates to users’ mobile devices without always having to go through releasing a new version to application stores.

Real-time applications

Our applications are truly real-time where it’s needed. Using reactive technology and latency compensation, we have made real-time connectivity the new standard.

Powerful analytics & reports

Whether you’re improving your business with data-driven philosophy, or monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing, our analytics and reports provide all the statistics you need.

Support and customer service

Even good software is not enough if the user is left alone. Liana Technologies' competent personnel will help and guide you along the way. Additionally, as our customer you will have access to our vast support site.

Language versions

We build our applications from the ground up with localization in mind and support over 170 languages. Managing language versions is simple using the application control panel.



Music on demand

Basso is the forward-thinking urban music radio channel, that is available to most of the Finnish population over radio frequencies, and has established a solid omnichannel internet availability.

We designed and built the award-winning radio application for Basso. The Basso-application won the “Best of Web”-category in the Finnish Radio Gala 2015.


Schedules on your phone

Finferries is a government-owned company that organizes and runs the Finnish ferry transport network, spanning the whole country with over 40 ferry lines.

The official application features schedules, important news and notifications for all the ferry lines, and lets the staff send important notifications to ferry-goers nationwide. The app is designed to be easy to use and works well offline.


Book rooms on the go

Isku is a well-known interior and furniture design company formed in 1928. It is one of the oldest, most respected industry leaders in Finland.

Isku Booking is a versatile mobile solution for booking meeting rooms at your office, and is a part of Isku’s way of staying ahead by integrating mobile technology into their services.

Liana Technologies
We invest a lot in our own product development and good customer service. Great results demand both.
Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies – Software for professional online marketing and communications

Liana Technologies is a European company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. The company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Finland. Our clients are professionals in digital marketing, communications and advertisement - our mission is to give them the best possible tools in the form of digital Liana product family. We are one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland and have offices in Dubai, Paris, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Stockholm. Liana products are used in over 3000 companies; customers include e.g. Hertz, SAP, Toyota, Ikea and Starbucks.

Liana Technologies has more than 3500 customers worldwide



Mazda is a Japanese car brand that is sold everywhere around the world.

Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover is a UK car manufacturer and they are sold everywhere around the world. Inchape Motors is responsible for selling the car in Finland.



Hertz is a car rental company active in 145 countries around the world.



Avis Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known car rental brands with over 5,000 locations in more than 165 countries.

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